Web Pro USA now offers website hosting as well. If you currently have a website, your site sits on a server somewhere in the world for people to find. This server could be through your local telephone company or some other online hosting company. You pay a fee to that company for there service either monthly or annually. We too here a Web Pro used to have our site on someone else’s server. If you were like us you probably had trouble with their service at one time or another and when you did this is what most likely happened.

1. Your website was down and you didn’t even know it because no one from your hosting company cared or checked to make sure that your site was working correctly.

2. You noticed that your site was not up and running and you spent an entire day talking to automated tech support until maybe if you were lucky a real person addressed your problem and made an attempt to correct it.

3. Your hosting company gave all of their many employees to big of a raise last year and now they need to raise your hosting fee to pay for new cars and company vacations.

Here at Web Pro USA we monitor our sites daily and if we discover a problem we immediately take steps to fix it. This means that your site is virtually always up and running and you don’t have to worry about it.

We are a small company and we do not over spend or over charge. Our rates for hosting are extremely competitive, our employees work hard and earn what they are paid and when you call or email us for help, you always get a real person and not Robert the Robot.

Contact us today about our current rates and services. We look forward to having you as
a cherished customer.