Since our beginning over three years ago Web Pro USA has strived to provide our customers with AMAZING website designs that have the highest possible visual appeal but also work their way to the top of that mountain of competition when it is time to get you found.

We are always researching new ideas and technologies that have proven themselves to be
the most effective. This letter is to let you know of our latest findings.

Big Change number 1:
I’m sure that whether you are watching the news, the football game or the last 12 months of endless campaigning you have heard the following phrases over and over.

    Like us on Facebook
    Contact us on twitter or  tweet yah-da yah-da yah-da.

These people don’t just want to hear from you because the have nothing else to do.
Having these accounts earns you a higher ranking by the search engines and ultimately gets you found faster than your competitors

Google for instance will rate those higher that have gmail accounts that those who have Yahoo mail accounts and vice versa

Big Change number 2:
When we first built your website hosts of key words or (meta tags) were written into the coding of your website on the home page so that this would be where the average viewer would enter your site from.

Now it is important to create a site map in the coding so that search engines know what is on all of your individual pages and key words are now recognized for the content or significant information that can be found on each page independently.

Taking all of these right steps is called website optimization. This is a service that web developers are charging $300 to $500 dollars for.

Web Pro USA would like to offer our current customers this service from now until Jan 1st 2013 for only $150.00 and this is what you get.
1. Gmail, yahoo mail, other major search engine mail accounts.
( you don’t have to use them and for most of you, you won’t even know they are there)
2. Key word analytics: we will have the search engines tell us what words are the most
effective in helping them find you before your competitors and then change them and
monitor them for three months
3. A three month report of hits on your entire site from Jan 1st through March 31st. of
2013. We will let you know how many people have looked at your site each month,
What time of day they looked, how old they were, from what part of the country they
live and lots lots more.

All new web sites built by Web Pro USA will receive this service as part of their original
site charges which will be $500.00 more than our current rate. This means that you will save $350.00 more than our new customers.

If you have any questions please contact either myself by phone at 608-988-7446
Or email at

Or contact Thortsen at 608-391-1161 or email

Let us help you stay at the top where you deserve to be.